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Workers Compensation / WorkCover / Common Law Costs

We understand that a workplace injury can have a devastating effect on your finances which might affect your ability to pay legal fees, therefore Anvil Legal offers our NO WIN NO FEE Solution* to eligible clients.

We believe that the inability to afford a lawyer can cause stress and place an unnecessary strain on your family relationships when you should be focusing on recovery.

How Does Our No Win No Fee Solution* Work?

If we are not successful in recovering any compensation for you we will reduce our invoice for our legal services to nothing, conditions apply.

That’s an Anvil Legal solution for the stress that clients tell us they face when they are thinking about getting a lawyer just to help them get the compensation to which they are entitled.

How Do We Get Paid You Ask?

Workers Compensation

If we are successful in getting you compensation or sorting out your matter we will seek to recover the cost of our legal services from the insurer as well as the costs of disbursements you may have out-laid during the process.

If the matter is resolved at a WorkCover hearing we will seek an order that the insurer pays your costs.

Unlike some lawyers, we will not charge you a % or “success fee” if you win and your settlement sum will not be reduced by our legal fees if the insurer agrees to pay them in full; if they don’t you may have to pay the difference out of your settlement monies, however, we will try and prevent that happening as much as we can.


If we are successful in getting you compensation in the courts, whether through making an application or settlement, we will seek to recover the cost of our legal services from the insurer as well as the costs of disbursements you may have out-laid during the process, there will almost certainly be a shortfall and you will likely have to contribute to the balance of any invoice.

Will I Have To Pay Anything Out Of My Own Pocket?

Workers Compensation

If your matter is resolved directly with the insurer without the need to make an application you may not have to pay out any money. If your matter requires an application to WorkCover you may be required to pay for things like medical reports the cost of which is usually recovered when you are successful.

Should your application at WorkCover fail you will not get back the cost of the doctor’s reports, however, generally you will not have to pay any costs to the other party either but it can happen in the right circumstances.


If you are not successful in your common law claim you will not have to pay Anvil Legal legal fees, however, you will still have to bear the costs of other things like the expert reports, witnesses, barrister fees, court fees and all the other disbursements that you have already paid during the course of the action.

It is almost certain that if you are unsuccessful you will also have to pay the costs of the defendant which could be significant.

If you have a valid claim it is unlikely that you will end up paying costs of the other side as you will have the opportunity to settle the matter at just about any stage of the process, thereby limiting your risk of that happening.

Why Choose Anvil Legal To Help You?

We are genuinely on the side of injured workers and our governing principle is to provide a valuable service for clients who wouldn’t normally be able to afford it.

However, this is a business and the only way we can keep providing our much-needed service is to continue getting the right compensation for our clients which in turn enables us to seek our costs.

What Can You Do To Protect Yourself Now

While the information in these pages is relevant to your claim you could speak to a lawyer obligation free and at no cost instead of spending the next week looking around the web for more concise information.

It’s easy to find out if you are eligible for our No Win No Fee Solution*, you can call us on 08 6143 5200 or fill out an enquiry form here and we would be happy to let you know, at no cost to you, over the phone or at your free appointment.

We guarantee that you will not have to pay for your phone consultation and if you are eligible for our No Win No Fee Solution* (as most work injuries are) we can continue to help you through your claim without you having to pay for our legal advice upfront out of your own pocket.

If you have already spoken to other lawyers about workers compensation and they haven’t been able to take on your claim please give us a call to see if we can help you.

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